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Tom Perfaniuk
Business Mechanic - Solutions Specialist
Business Consultant - Business Coach
Catalyst - Entrepreneur
Social Innovator - Philanthropist

To Change the Way the World Works to Help Improve the Quality of Life Globally.

To Reduce Poverty Worldwide allowing the Global Population to Enjoy a Healthy and Comfortable Lifestyle.

To Change Business from Competition to Collaboration forming Partnerships and Alliances that operate in Harmony for the Overall Benefit and Support of the Global Population.

Who would like to join me on my World Changing Mission?

  Calgary Business Consulting  
Business Solutions Consultant -
President - MacWilly Services Inc.
VP Sales & Marketing - The Business Pod Inc.
President - Calgary Business Connections CBCA
President - Calgary Business Success Group CBSG
Mastermind Consultant - Get It Together
Founder - Business for Charity Network
Founder - Friends of the Third Academy
  Calgary Business Consulting  
Born Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Raised on a vegetable farm on the Red River.
Developed Operational & Sales skills working
in the fields and
public sales outlet.
Active in sports
; hockey, volleyball, baseball and football acquiring team building, motivation and improvement skills.
25 years a goalie in hockey.
20 years Captain or Assistant Captain.
Community executive volunteer.

Motivated by results achieving and exceeding expectations.
35+ years of management, leadership and consulting.
Entrepreneur and business owner.
  Calgary Business Consulting  

Quality Management
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

Business Management
Red River College (RRC)
  Calgary Business Consulting  


Management Experience

General, Regional, Branch, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Manufacturing, Production, Quality, Warehouse Distribution, Health & Safety.

Financial and Strategic Planning
P/L accountability, planning and development of 1, 3 and 5 year annual expense and capital budgets, preparation and justification of appropriation requests.

Business Development
B2B and retail sales, outside, CSR, counter.

Customer Service and Satisfaction
Tracking, analysis, corrective action and continuous improvement.

Process and Flow
LEAN concepts, Continuous Improvement, 6 Sigma, 5 S, facility layout, production and material flow, work station design, time studies, methods analysis, standards development for performance evaluation of departmental efficiencies; investigation, documentation and implementation of various CNC Automation equipment, ERP, Total Warehouse Logistics RF Gun System for order selection and inventory control.

Total Quality Management
ISO 9002 preparation, documentation, implementation, quality standard development and conformance monitoring.

Health, Safety, Environment
Regional HSE Manager,training, incident investigation, reporting, corrective action, regulation adherence, COR system implementation.

Human Resources
Planning, interview, hire, train, coach, mentor, create trusted leadership, discipline and termination, performance expectations and evaluations, cultural change, employee engagement.

Chair, facilitate and participate on continuous improvement project teams regarding employee satisfaction, health & safety, quality, process, efficiency, waste and cost reduction.

Policy and Procedure
Develope, implement, monitor, maintain manuals, auditing system.

MRP, purchasing, expediting, physical inventory count preparation and control, execution, reconciliation, costing.

Reporting and Administration
Developed, documented and implemented ERP systems for production, inventory, warehousing, distribution and financial controls including system design, selection and implementation of computer hardware and software.

Collective Bargaining
Contract management, negotiations, contract issue resolution.

Facilities Management
Maintenance, administration, sub lease and lease negotiation.

  Calgary Business Consulting  

Built companies from concept to profitable ventures. Successful marketing, advertising and consulting services. Business development, B2B and retail sales, budgets, P/L, financials, accounting, administration, marketing, advertising, consulting, photography and web site development.
Self-educated on internet advertising, promotion and search engine optimization.

Consultant Business Solutions
Business strategic and financial planning,
startup, marketing, mission, vision, values statements.
Marketing and sales development, improvement and management of systems; policy, procedure, process and flow, health & safety, quality, customer service, human resources, special projects, inventory control.
  Calgary Business Consulting  

Results Driven
Experienced in various responsibility levels, industries and environments with repeated success improving quality, safety and process while increasing sales, efficiency, productivity, profitability, employee and customer satisfaction.

Seasoned Manager
Mature coach, mentor and cheerleader excellent communication and organizational skills, enjoys challenge, is self-managed and takes pride in getting the job done well, on time and within budget.

Great Team Builder
Management style based on the principal
of working with people to assist them in achieving our common goals.

Strong Leadership
Solid effort to ensure the team is always successful.

Professional Philosophy
The pursuit of objectives based on people, excellence and integrity.

Personal Motivation
Achieving results while meeting or exceeding expectations.

Providing Business Solutions for Over 35 Years
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